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Our Youths are Growing...

Every tree must have a healthy root system if  it's to survive long term. If you want to see a club that is investing for the future, take a stroll up to Kilternan any Sunday morning at 11am and you will see upwards of 200 youths being out through their paces. Our qualified coaches take in raw recruits from 8 to 18 and teach them skills of the game with a blend of expertise and enjoyment.

Most clubs with a youth section can point to a particularly strong team and certain age group. We, however at DLSP are proud of our strength in depth right across the ages from 8 to under 18.

Members who join at the youngest age groups tend to see out their entire playing (and socializing!) career at Kilternan. We are fast becoming the rugby ambassadors for the Leinster area.

With incoming and outgoing tours of London, Cardiff and the USA planned, our members experience an all-round enriching time with the club.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the coaching and care of our younger members. The many hours of dedicated training and encouragement does not go unnoticed. All coaches have, in fact, been promised a free bar next Good Friday! If you know someone who would like to join in the experience at a playing or coaching level we would like to hear from you.

Yours in sport,

Turlough O'Brien
Youths Chairman